Why use us?

We uphold the art of creating top-quality custom-made tailoring, combined with highly personalized customer service. Over the last 15 years, we have served customers from countries all around the world. Our satisfaction comes not only from crafting fine clothes but also in maintaining contact with clients who have become close friends through repeated visits.

Each of our custom suits, shirts and dresses are taken care of with the complete attention of experienced tailors, and our workshops function in the most organized and careful manner imaginable. Our master tailors have been with us for decades and are highly skilled with their precise, artistic and quality craftsmanship. We proudly admit that New Moda Tailors, like no other tailors, has held a long and respectable reputation in the market for highly convenient and loyal services to its customers.

Our team works under a strict code of ethics, and always welcomes clients with open hands to come and enjoy the fine art of bespoke tailoring accompanied by our reliable quality.